Savusavu Town

local tourist activities and tours


Only 25-minutes drive from Emaho Sekawa Retreat lies the authentic Fijian town of Savusavu. Savusavu is a fascinating community, nestled between grassy green hills and a breathtakingly blue ocean. With several restaurants, shops and a local market, the town makes for a pleasant sightseeing visit. Savusavu also offers many tourist tours and activities that you can enjoy during your visit to Emaho Sekawa. Contact our bookings team with the activities you're interested in prior to your stay and we'll arrange this on your behalf.


If you wish to partake in off-site activities and tourist tours (that aren’t included in our list of retreat activities), all fees charged by those external businesses are payable by you.


Below are just some of Savusavu's most popular tours:

J Hunter Pearl Farm


Visit the J.Hunter Fiji Pearls Showroom located at the western tip of the town. Besides exploring the showroom, you can also go on a Pearl Farm Tour to learn how their magnificent pearls are grown and farmed before they are shipped to top jewellers around the world. You will be taken on a boat tour to visit the farm and can snorkel to see the pearls up close and personal.

Price: $30 FJD per adult and discounts available for kids, groups and families.

Duration: 1.5 hours

For more information please visit J.Hunter Fiji Pearls

kokomana chocolate farm

For all chocolate lovers, KokoMana farm tour is a must! Expert guides lead guests through the forest to showcase the steps involved in producing sustainably-grown cocoa beans and how they gather and then use them to create their unique tasting chocolate.

The tour ends, of course, with chocolate tasting plus the opportunity to buy KokoMana products.

Price: $25 FJD 

Duration: 1.5 hour

For more information visit KokoManaFiji

KokoMana-chocolate-Savusavu tour.JPG

scuba diving


Known as the 'The Soft Coral Capital' of the world, Fiji is a diver's paradise with its rich marine biodiversity, pristine waters and colourful reefs. Diving lessons and excursions can be be arranged with a local fully qualified dive master at an additional cost.

Price: Diving courses start from $270 FJD

Duration: from 3 hours

For more information visit Koro Sun Dive – Fiji's Finest Diving

local cafes and restaurants

There are many cafes and restaurants to visit in Savusavu offering a wide range of appetising local and international food and drinks.

From Captain's Cafe over looking the marina serving tasty local and Indian dishes, to Grace Road Kitchen, a family run Korean restaurant known especially for its delicious deserts.


Saturday Market


Savusavu town hosts a wide selection of local markets from the thriving Saturday market where you can pick up the most delicious locally grown produce at an incredible bargain, to the bustling fish stalls where local fisherman sell their catch of the day. 

sports fishing

Sports fishing is a popular tourist activity in Savusavu due to its warm tropical waters and rich ocean ecosystem. Enjoy a guided fishing trip in the local environs and catch your own fresh fish. Then for a perfect finish to a perfect day, let our chef cook it for you the way you like it.

Price: Fishing charter from $100 FJD per hour

Duration: from 2.5 hours

For more information visit HiCs Fish in Savusavu